Fitshop Updates:  
We have transitioned from group fitness classes and are now focusing on Member Based Semi-private Personal Training Groups.  We offer three basic membership options:
  • In-person at the Fitshop
  • Remote Coaching via our TRUECOACH platform
  • Hybrid Training - a combination of in-person and remote
If you like the added support of a personal trainer, full equipment options, and group camaraderie ​then the in-person training track is for you.  If you are confident in your technique and have a nice place to workout, then the remote or hybrid training track are good options.  Written below is the basic outline of the remote coaching program.  Weekly workouts, demo videos, nutrition tracking, and more.  If you need more hands on exercise instruction to help you get started, then I recommend looking into the in-person or hybrid program and then transitioning to the remote option.  


First Week FREE, $40/mo USD thereafter – cancel any time

The variety was a massive point of interest. The concept of focus, constant work that prioritized quality over quantity. The coaching cues regarding tempo and intensity were so good, they allowed me to consider what my effort actually feels like. Initially I wanted barbells but to be honest - I haven’t missed them. Although I’ll enjoy picking one up again in the future!
- Luke  

Life may be uncertain – but your workouts don’t have to be. If you train at home, especially with limited equipment, it’s a chore – and a bore – to scroll through the Internet every time you want to get your sweat on and try to find something that works. By the time you figure out how to swap your jump rope for a rower, you’ve lost half your motivation.

Not only that, but random workouts get random results. Monday’s burpee challenge right into Tuesday’s push-up marathon will have your shoulders begging for mercy. Meanwhile, you haven’t pumped your rump in weeks, and what’s going on with your core?

Smart training means not only meeting the needs of today, but also keeping your body going strong for the long haul. Want to crush your sixties, seventies, and beyond? Staying out of injury now and building strength, mobility, and quality movement will serve you well for years to come. With Functional Integrated Training, you’ll find workouts that balance movement patterns to avoid overuse injuries, and give you the perfect mix of days to push yourself and days to take it easy and recover.


In these uncertain times, gym access may be limited – or off limits altogether. You may have some equipment at home, or you may work out in a corner of a tiny apartment. Fortunately, Functional Integrated Training  uses an enormous movement library to design workouts for you that will keep you progressing week by week, even with nothing but your own bodyweight. And the FIT program includes full equipment, low equipment, and bodyweight only workouts, so your options are all covered – you can mix and match each day depending on what you have available.

After working with clients in a huge range of equipment situations and stations in life, we’ve proved that regardless of whether you have a full gym, minimal equipment, or none at all, you can still make progress on your strength, conditioning, and skills. Functional Integrated Training  builds you up week by week, connecting you to the feeling of making progress that makes training feel fun and rewarding.


Being an athlete is so much more than what you do in your 60-minute workout. FIT: Minimalist will nurture your body before, during, and after training. Every workout includes a thoughtful warm up and mobility-focused cool-down. On rest days, you’ll be guided through active recovery flows that introduce you to breathing concepts, extra mobility work, Functional Range Conditioning for joint health, and gentle ways to take care of your body.

Nutrition Guidance

Connect our Truecoach platform with the calorie counting feature in myfitnesspal and take your nutrition to the next level.  Your coach will assign you specific macros based on your goals so that you can fine tune your nutrition plan to work for your workouts.  

"The workouts have been challenging and they are far better than any workout I could come up with myself. I also like receiving the body weight workouts as well; these give me options and a good workout plan to follow should I ever have a scenario where I cannot use any equipment."     
- Jim

Try it for One WEEK FREE and get:  ​


  • Cutting edge Functional Integrated Training to look good and move well

  • Full equipment AND low equipment/bodyweight training tracks

  • Demo videos for every movement

  • 5 days of training/week plus 2 rest days

  • Training notes and online support from peers and your trainer 

  • Nutrition calculator and support

  • Places to record your workout history, comments, and notes


And more!

1 week free, $40/mo USD thereafter – cancel any time

Frequently asked questions

What equipment do I need for the full equipment workouts?

The full equipment track includes everything you would usually find in a functional gym. Dumbbells, kettlebells, boxes, TRX suspension trainers, concept2 rowers and ski-ergs, battle ropes, etc...

What do I need for the low equipment track?

Bodyweight movements are included in the minimalist program but we highly recommend expanding your equipment options with a few of these relatively cheap options. 1. Mini-band set 2. TRX suspension trainer or cheap alternative 3. Single kettlebell of mid weight 4. Set of Dumbells of moderate weight 5. Box or Bench 6. Set of resistance bands with handles 7. Jump rope or cardio machine 8. Stability Ball

What happens when I sign up?

Once you register for the program, we will set you up with an account for TRUECOACH, our workout delivery program. This can take up to 24 hours or so, but you'll get access to the welcome workout right away to get acquainted with the workout program. Both the full equipment and the low/bodyweight tracks will be loaded, and within each workout you will see demo videos for each exercise and places to write notes. You will also see an area to upload videos of yourself performing the exercises for form critique from your trainer.

How do I cancel?

You will not be charged for the program for the first week, and your billing date will be monthly thereafter. If you need to cancel or pause your membership at anytime you can do so at your account page on our website. You can also contact me directly with any questions about the program,

How does this differ from your other programs?

Due to equipment and space restraints for most people, this program is less of a "bootcamp" style workout program and focuses more on functional integrated strength training. FIT training will challenge your entire body to get stronger, better balance, fore mobility and stability around your joints. Don't woryy, we're still going to keep your aerobic engine humming with bodyweight calisthenics and optional machine based cardio intervals.

What level of fitness or knowledge do you need to follow this program?

If you are able to follow a written workout and feel confident following a video demonstration, our program is for you! At the beginning of the program, you'll be introduced to concepts like supersets and tempo resistance training. It may take a week or two to get the hang of it, but we're here to support you with any questions or provide scaling options if you need them. Advanced participants will also find satisfaction with a huge variety of movements and challenges. The program is designed so you can choose your level of intensity and the weight best suited for you ability.