Ready to hit the new year rolling, make giant goals and crush them in your first week back to super intense workouts? Two hours in the gym, super high intensity cardio and heavy weight lifting!  Yeah, let's get swole!   What’s that look like?  


First -  To make up for the past few weeks or months, you’re gonna hit the gym like you’re 25, two hours a day in the gym, perfect nutrition, no drinking, 100% perfection!  SO EASY!


Second- Choose daily and weekly goals that will have you shredded by the end of January.  Sure, you might only achieve 1 or 2 of your 10 health and fitness goals, but hey, you got in killer shape in 4 weeks.  


Third- Schedule a chiropractor, massage therapist, and counselor for the 3rd week of January to help you recover from your sprint during week 1 and 2 of the new year.  Because with this strategy, just like the majority of new year's resolutions, you're gonna crash and burn!


Come on now… let’s get realistic. If you are serious about getting and staying in shape, you’re set up for failure with magic pills and all or nothing strategies. 


Like most of us living in Northeast Ohio, the holiday season goes hand in hand with the coldest, darkest, and shortest days of the year.  It is when we find ourselves indoors, not moving as much, and indulging in more sugar and alcohol than usual.  Year end work obligations and travel can get in the way of even the best laid out workout routine.  


And look, we all know 2020 was a shit show, so don’t go plunging into 2021 all willy nilly without a paddle.  Remember, the climb back to the top is usually proportionate to the time it took to fall down, if not longer.  


With that in mind, my aim is to provide you with a more realistic way to approach getting yourself back on track in 2021.  For those of you who have stayed the course, more power to you and be proud of your accomplishments.  Maybe this is a good time to lend a helping hand to a friend or family member and help them get back on track with you.  


3 Realistic Keys to making 2021 a successful health and fitness year:


First - Start Slow - I don’t want you to be like the majority of people that come out hot on January 1st and burn out before the end of the month.  Instead, let’s create a plan of action that will get you more and more motivated as the month and year progress.  


  • Think of January as the month of building momentum

  • What is going to keep you motivated in February?

  • Starting slow might mean treating the first couple of weeks as a marginal upgrade from how you were living for the last month.  If you were drinking 3-5X’s per week in December, then aim to cut that back to 1-2 for January.  If you want to go down to zero, then make that the February 1st goal.  If you stick to a “slow start” plan through January you should find yourself motivated to go get even better on February 1st with less resistance.  


Second - Start collecting small victories - 9 out of 10 is the rule to aim for.  


  • Too often I see clients see the type of programs that others have used to get the crazy poster results and decide to dive in head first (even though these results are the rarity)! 

  • Having lofty goals means making extraordinary changes in behaviors, which you can do, but over time.  The first changes you make don’t have to be the hardest ones on day 1.  To get the momentum going you simply have to start collecting daily victories.  That is best achieved by choosing habits and daily goals that you feel confident you can achieve.  

  • The right behavior for you to establish is to improve upon your recent victories.  Make a goal that you feel confident you can complete 9 times out of 10.  Perhaps eating low carb under 100 grams a day is a behavior you aspire to, but starting there is going to be like skiing the K12 your first day!  A better goal may be to start with the bunny hill and aim to avoid added sugars and refined carbs for the first week.  That still leaves room for lots of fruit, potatoes, and veggies to satisfy your need for carbs.  That simple change will dramatically change your nutrient intake in no time.  


Third- Set category goals for your health- For January I want you to make 3 daily goals for yourself.  They are going to be spread out amongst these 3 categories and it would be a good idea to pick ones you feel are easy to tackle.  At the end of each day take some time to tally in your head how you did.  


  • Nutritional quality - make it simple!

    • More vegetables, eat a salad already!

    • Cut the empty caloric beverages, stick to tea, water, and coffee and ditch the frickin sugar.  

    • Less Booze - Don’t kill me, but cut it back a bit and focus on getting some quality sleep instead.

    • Even though you're sick of your house by now, keep cooking for yourself!  You control your kitchen, eat out less and cut your cals.  

    • Put the icecream down already, eat more fruit for the first week and give your tastebuds a chance to readjust to natural sugars.  

  • Nutritional Quantity - make it easy, count your Macros.

    • Protein, Carb, and Fat grams.  Track that for a few days and then evaluate where your calories are coming from.  

    • Aim to have close to your bodyweight in grams of protein every day. 

    • More Water!  Start your day with a big glass of water and set the tone for the rest of the day.  

  • Movement - Aim to have a daily movement goal?  This doesn’t have to be an intense workout to count, it can be as easy as tracking your steps.  You might go to the gym or workout as well, but hold yourself accountable to move everyday.  

    • Steps - aim to get in 10k steps every day 

    • Body weight exercises at home - set a goal to do so many reps of different bodyweight exercises every day (100 sit ups, 50 push ups, 100 squats / lunges, etc…)  

    • Commit to move at least 30 minutes every day - run, bike, walk, row, whatever.  


Eat Well Move Better Challenge!  


Starting on January 18th, join the Challenge!  I know, why not the 1st Monday in January (Today)?  I guarantee you that if you start small for the first two weeks of January you are going to be ready to Jam Out come January 18th.  You will have momentum from your first two weeks of small victories behind you and you will be more motivated and confident to start a more comprehensive program.  


Now I know everyone is ready to kick 2020 in the junk and move on as quickly as possible, but I’ve seen it too many times, the HOT START leads to burn out for the majority of new year resolutions.  Please take a poll on January 11th and see how many of your friends are still killing their new workout routines.  It’s not a good average.  


Stick to my recommendations suggested above and start slowly.  Choose goals easily within reach and get those small victories under your belt.  I can almost guarantee you that if you do this and get 2 solid weeks of consistency under your belt, then you’ll be prepared and ready to make some big changes on January 18th.  (Registration will begin the week of January 11th.